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‘Tis the Season to Give Books!

Give these books this holiday!


Below are great books to add to your holiday gift ideas!

First – A Buried Secrets sale:

Buried Secrets is now available everywhere for $0.99 until December 23rd! 

Check out the new release of Unholy Warrior by Rebecka Jägar:

Do you like the Mad Max movies? The thrillers of Tom Clancy and strong, kickass heroines? Then Unholy Warrior is the book for you.

Order Now:

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Twenty-five years after the nuclear war, the world is still a harsh, frozen place. Second Lieutenant Rebane Nordstrom, a sniper in the ranks of a Russian elite reconnaissance unit, doesn’t know how to give up…ever.

After her escape from enemy hands, a race across the post-apocalyptic badlands starts. But the man hunting her is a force of nature: Major Weisser destroys everything in his path. Can the Invisible Zone—the furthest corner of sub-zero Scandinavia—wipe out Rebane’s footprints in the snow?

Fantastic Fiction Giveaway:

Win 50 books to give to others: Extended until December 9th! Historical, Family & Mystery Fiction

Happy Reading!

I wish you peace and joy!

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