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One Last Secret

Buried Secrets -The aftermath…

Nothing has been the same since Ella Perri returned from Italy after she exposed her Uncle Luca’s biggest family secret. Her once close-knit family now avoids each other at all costs. No one can accept what Luca has done, least of all Ella. But she knows there’s more he’s not telling and she’ll do anything to uncover every dirty secret that’s left. But no one knows where Luca is or what he might do next. Ella’s deepest fear is not knowing for sure if Luca will set out to find Gianna or if it’s really Ella he’s after.

The latest developments on Book 2:

Secrets In The Woods – The Darkest Secret (Ella Perri, Book 2) will have three main points of view. Ella, of course, is one and the other two will remain a “secret” until the book comes out. Readers will get inside the heads of these three main characters and sometimes that might be a bit rough.

Currently, the cover is under construction and you will also see some changes to the first book cover, which is pretty normal in the book world. The covers will reflect an ongoing theme that will be consistent across all of the books in the series and I’m predicting there will be one or two that follow Book 2.

I’ve gotten some incredibly helpful feedback and guidance from a mystery author mentor and I was thrilled to hear that she loved this next book. Her advice and constructive feedback provided exactly what I needed as I revised the latest draft. My editor will have a final look in a couple of weeks and then all the pieces will begin to align. I’ve also sent my draft to a few beta readers but might reach out to a couple more!

I’ll continue to add the latest news as it becomes available!

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