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New Book Release: The Rearview Mirror: An Anthology

Happy New Year! Happy New Books!

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than getting a new book and I know you love good stories too! I’m thrilled to share this exciting news about a new book:

Coming in one week: A multi-genre anthology not for the faint of heart…

Here is the teaser:

If you like psychological thrillers, then The Rearview Mirror is a book for you.

There’s something for just about everyone in The Rearview Mirror, featuring fourteen authors from five countries (I’m proud to be one of them)!
Available for Pre-Order now!

But wait…there’s more:

Each selection weaves around the story of Harvey Cullum, a rideshare driver with the urRide company, who had chauffeured people around for thirteen years without incident. Until now. When he wakes up in the state mental institution after a tragic car wreck involving one of his passengers, he is pressed by police to recount the events surrounding the accident.

 As he struggles to recount the fares he’s served that week, a darker picture unfolds. Voices in his head and secrets from his past taunt him, slowly fraying the edges of his reality. Harvey pulls at the threads of memories in hopes of unraveling the tragic events of his past. What he reveals in his retelling, however, is a series of fares too bizarre to be considered real.

 Harvey’s confusion and paranoia heighten as he struggles to hear the one voice in his head that speaks the loudest – his own.

 The Rearview Mirror is available on Amazon!


          Meet the Minds Behind Rearview Mirror

The Rearview Mirror is a collaboration of fifteen authors from five countries. Here’s a closer look at some of them.

O’ree Williams– At Odds, Clarity, Rearview Mirror, Anthology Coordinator

O’ree lives in a small town on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon with his wife, his son, and their cats. By day, he is an IT specialist working in the medical field. All things considered, it’s been a decent living but has never really scratched that creative itch so much. But by night, under the small electric light of his desk lamp, he dons the alter ego of an aspiring novelist and slavishly pounds out prose to be shared with the world.

He was also the driving force behind The Rearview Mirror, coming up with the initial concept and nudging the rest of the group along until the anthology was complete.

To learn more about O’ree, check out his website at


Megan Basinger – Ring Race, Anthology Editor

 Megan’s writing career began at age five or six with a run-on story about an anthropomorphic whale named Willy. Ever since then, her fingers haven’t been able to stay away from the keyboard. As an adult, her interest has been in historical fiction with a focus on the human condition, but she’s steadily expanding her horizons into other genres as well. She presently has a solid start on three novels, which she hopes to rekindle in the moments between working, parenting three boys, walking the dog, running, and wondering what her house would look like if she hired a maid.

And on top of all that, Megan launched her freelance editing business in early 2020 called Fine Fuse Editorial Services and has enjoyed working with debut authors on projects in various genres.

To learn more about Megan’s writing career, check out her website at


Krissy Baccaro – In the Shadows

Krissy’s love of reading started books such as The Chronicles of NarniaThe Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit

Currently, she teaches fifth grade and shares her love of reading and writing with her students every day. 

When she’s not with her family or students you’ll find her hanging out with her hedgehog, reading or writing mystery and suspense stories. Her debut mystery novel, Buried Secrets (An Ella Perri Mystery Book 1) was released in May 2020. The sequel to Buried Secrets will follow in the spring of 2021.

To learn more about Krissy, check out her website at


Markus Boch – Moving On

A twenty-one-year-old author from Germany, Markus is currently trying to find his place in the world.

Books have always been a big part of his life. As a child, his mother used to read to him and his little sister every morning. When he grew old enough to read for himself, he continued to read books about fantastical adventures, magical creatures, and talking animals. Back then, he thought that all books were like that, and to this day he is a huge fan of fantasy and especially contemporary fantasy from authors like Derek Landy or Rick Riordan. 

To learn more about Markus, check out his website at


Alejandra Cué – Frozen Heart

Alejandra was born in Mexico and her first memories are of her father reading bedtime stories until she and her brother fell sound asleep. When he couldn’t quite succeed, he’d encourage them to create their own stories. The use of brainpower quickly drained them of energy, so it proved to be an effective method.

Since then, Alejandra has been creating stories, adventures, characters, and conflicts, all for the fun of it. However, when she discovered the written word held the power of projecting and sharing the stories in her head, she began working and improving those skills . . . and she still is.

To learn more about Alejandra, check out her website at


Chaz Hamilton – She Never Saw Them Coming

Chaz lives on the Isle of Purbeck, located on the Jurassic south coast of England. He hesitates to call himself a writer because it’s a random hobby. He has the attention span of a goldfish and it takes him yonks to read a book unless he’s made a promise or the writer has him gripped by the throat.

When he was young, his mum was always saying, “You’re telling stories again.” She meant he was lying through his teeth for yet another misdemeanor. Now, he is too honest for his own good, and when he writes, it’s often associated with life experiences or the imagination of things that people think can’t talk.

Maybe they can’t. But in his mind, anything can have feelings and has a story to tell.

To learn more about Chaz, check out his website at


Diane Krause – The Peculiar Mind

Diane uses her life experiences to write short stories. Then she disguises the characters and makes up a setting. Although hidden, there’s a little bit of her in every story.

Currently, she’s working on a novel about a young man who doesn’t know he has schizophrenia. This book will be a cross between Joanne Greenberg’s I Never Promised You a Rose Garden and The Sixth Sense.

Diane shares her De Pere, Wisconsin home with her husband and two dogs. Diane credits her husband with not only being her best friend but also her biggest supporter. 

To learn more about Diane, check out her website at


Barton K. Mann – Luxuria

Bart was born and raised in the canyons above Beverly Hills, California. One canyon to the right was home to many superstar musicians. His canyon was home to many movie stars, and in the canyon to the left was where Charlie Manson did his thing. Although having written fiction since he was a tadpole, he ended up spending 13 years as a published entertainment journalist. He interviewed actors, actresses, directors, animators, musicians, producers, etc. To actually make money during those years, Bart had day jobs. He spent stretches as a computer graphics artist, photographer, disc jockey, publicist, film editor in the porn industry (a very brief but hilarious addition to his resume), concert producer/emcee, warehouse manager, and technician at a hair transplantation clinic. 

Trying to figure out what to do next, he moved to Louisville, Kentucky to live among friends and start work on his first novel.

To learn more about Bart, check out his website at


J.H. O’Rourke– Paradox

J.H. O’Rourke is a published writer and editor from Nova Scotia, Canada, eh?  

She is the author of numerous short stories, many of which have won awards.  Ms. O’Rourke enjoys devising creepy plot twists that explore the darkness of the human soul and behaviour.  Her debut full-length psychological thriller, Mind Crawlers, is due for publication in late 2020 / early 2021.

To learn more about O’Rourke, check out her website at


Looly Paarker  – Bill

Looly Paarker was born in the beautiful capital city of Riga, Latvia. At an early age, Paarker started out writing reviews about her fairy tale books. Later she wrote, illustrated and published children’s picture books.

For Rearview Mirror, she stepped away from her comfort zone pink unicorns and fairies and dipped her fingers into crime fiction.

To learn more about Paarker, check out her website at


Evelyn Puerto – The Wielder of Emerald Light

Evelyn Puerto entered the world around the time of the unveiling of the microchip, the introduction of Japanese cars to the US, and postage stamps that cost four cents. Her Saturday morning friends were Mighty Mouse, Dudley Do-Right, and the Jetsons. Now her best friend is her husband, who supports both of her addictions: writing and chocolate. 

She’s the author of the award-winning Beyond the Rapids, and her debut novel, Flight of the Spark, was released in 2019. Its sequel, Flicker of the Flame, will be released in early 2021.

To learn more about Evelyn, check out her website at


Madeline Slovenz – Lost and Found

Madeline was born on the Jersey shore a long time ago and draws on her childhood memories of growing up in the kind of small town where everyone knows your name. She writes realistic fiction for middle schoolers, young adults, and open-minded grown-ups who are never too old to enjoy stories that feature younger protagonists.

Her children’s book, Lion Dancer, co-authored with Kate Waters, is a PBS Reading Rainbow selection. Currently, she is writing general fiction for adults and children. 

To learn more about Madeline, check out her website at


Carole Wolfe – Getting By, Payback, Pretty Boy

Carole Wolfe started telling stories in the third grade and hasn’t stopped since. While she no longer illustrates her stories with crayon, Carole still uses her words to help readers escape the daily hiccups of life. Her debut novel, My Best Mistake – Tasha’s Story, follows a single mom as she stumbles through one mishap after another.

When Carole isn’t writing, she is a stay-at-home mom to three busy kiddos, a traveling husband, and a dog that thinks she is a cat. Carole enjoys running at a leisurely pace, crocheting baby blankets for others, and drinking wine when she can find the time. She and her family live in Texas.

To learn more about Carole, check out her website at


Alicya Xanders – Flightless Birds

Alicya Xanders is a passionate writer who first began creating worlds and characters at the age of thirteen. She is best known for writing contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and children’s fantasy stories. She also writes poetry in the Urdu language. 

When not lost in reading and writing, she is with her son playing volleyball or watching cartoons. She loves spending time with her family. Cooking is another favorite way she shows love to her family.

To learn more about Alicya, check out her website at


J.L. Wilson –Contributing Author

J.L. Wilson lives in North Texas with his wiener dog, Lily, and his chihuahua, Nikki. He shares custody of a delightful young daughter named Quinn. When he’s not taking orders from one of those three, he writes on a number of topics and is published on He’s also had short pieces featured in anthologies compiled by Z Publishing House. His writing journey began in earnest due to a brain hemorrhage, doing so to inform, entertain, and reduce. He crafts stories showing the collision of the individual and society, of biography and history.

I hope you check out this anthology! You won’t be disappointed!

I wish you peace, health, happiness, & lots of time to read in the new year!

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