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“Luca” has been published!

I’m so excited to announce that my short story, “Luca” has been published today! You can download a free copy on Amazon by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Luca is an antagonist in my upcoming Novel, Buried Secrets. He is only one of several characters who may or may not have had something to do with a particular mystery in the novel. Here is a quick description of my story, “Luca”:

What could possibly happen among the cypress trees along the river’s path, when three girls decide to walk home from school together? What could happen on a breezy summer day, where the birds are singing, and the grass is crispy from the hot sun? Where butterflies and bees dance among the flowers?

 Gianna, Sienna and Maria thought it was a perfect day to walk home from school. But what they didn’t know was that someone was hiding behind the trees, watching them. Waiting. Until they were just close enough. 

            When Luca Perri surprised those three sisters on that day, he said he didn’t mean for one of them to get hurt. But the youngest sister isn’t convinced, and wonders what’s going on inside the mind of this boy who she’s protected and grown up with her entire life. Surly he couldn’t have meant them harm. Could he?C at Barnes & Noble!

Get my book, LUCA for free at Barnes and Noble!

You can also get LUCA on Amazon (currently priced at $.99, but if you leave a review, I will give you another short story for free…just send me a message to let me know)!

If you’d like, you may also have a PDF of LUCA!

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