Short Fiction Mysteries


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A new box set from mystery thriller author Krissy Baccaro. Includes short thriller fiction stories Luca, Monster, In The Shadows, and Out of Darkness. 


What could possibly happen among the cypress trees along the river’s path, when three girls decide to walk home from school together? 

Gianna, Sienna, and Maria thought it was a perfect day to walk home from school. But what they didn’t know was that someone was hiding behind the trees, watching them. Waiting. Until they were just close enough. 

When Luca Perri surprised those three sisters on that day, he said he didn’t mean for one of them to get hurt. But the youngest sister isn’t convinced and wonders what’s going on inside the mind of this boy she’s protected and grown up with her entire life. Surely he couldn’t have meant them harm. Could he?


He’s after her and there’s nothing she can do about it. They warned her not to let him into her life. Now she’s running for her life. 

Leah’s father watches her sneak into his garage and discovers the locked closet at the back. Leah quickly learns about the sinister secret life he’s kept hidden for years. And it’s clear he doesn’t believe her when she says she won’t tell.  Leah’s life spirals out of control and she’s soon making decisions she never thought she would.

One night, Leah decides she’s had enough but her firey actions have devastating consequences, and not only is her sister missing but Leah’s being chased by the monster she let into her life. As she runs for help through the darkening forest, she has a chance encounter with an unlikely presence and finds herself in an enchanting old house with another secret. But will she make it out alive?

In The Shadows

Ava awakens one morning stiff and sore and covered in blood. And she has no idea who the dead man is next to her. And no memory of anything that had happened to her or how she ended up in that old house. The last thing she remembers is turning off the light on her nightstand and going to sleep. Was she responsible for what happened?

Days later, her memory slowly returns in bits and pieces. She recalls many things from her life. A dream she had of a woman trying to kill her. She remembers that she is an elementary teacher. There are fragments of a broken engagement and vague memories of her best friend, Kara. She calls a driver to take her to the little town of Bentley where she is supposed to meet with someone in hopes of finding out more about the missing pieces of her life.

Ava’s conversation with the driver reveals more than expected and she soon learns that the person she is meeting in Bentley may be hiding the deadliest secret yet.

Out of Darkness

It comes in dreams at first. Small pieces over time. A lovely evening. A summer night. A dance. A kiss. Too many drinks…I’ll drive. And then the rain, unrelenting. Unforgiving. 

Ella’s mind awakens before her eyes open and she is guided by two distinct voices who never leave her side. In the dark crevices of her mind, she denies a truth she cannot accept of a loss she cannot bear. What happened to Ella on that rainy night? Will she find refuge in the voices who guide her or will she sink into the sadness that threatens to take her away?




                                                         Stand Alone Short fiction mystery:  LUCA 


“I’ve met a few Lucas but this one is special in that he liked who he was and enjoyed what he was doing. He fed on it. Would a boy like this ever be able to reform his ways? The eloquence and descriptive writing of Krissy Baccaro’s pen gives us just enough backstory and takes us into the thought process of the protagonist. Makes for a truly enjoyable read. I recommend. ~Selma Martin. 

“Luca gives a great peek at the beginnings of his titular character and gets you to consider what he might turn into in the future.”~Markus Boch

“An intriguing psychological tale which kept me hooked to the very end and left me desperate to know what’s next in store for Luca.”  ~Ken Carriere

“Luca is one of those stories that reminds me of walking on a sunlit path next to a dark wood.  And while the daylight feels warm and inviting, the cold forbidding of the forest is a constant reminder that there is always a darker place we can go.  The main character captures this sensation perfectly.  The reader cannot help but feel compelled to read on, knowing there will be a turning point, though not exactly where.  This was a very alluring read that definitely left me wanting a whole lot more.”   ~O’ree Williams


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