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Buried Secrets Makes a Book Club Visit!

Imagine this: 

Six very close friends.

Between The Wines Book Club with me and my Mystery/Suspense book, Buried Secrets.

Delicious food.


Intriguing conversation. 

And wine. 

I’m describing a monthly book club called Between the Wines, and I had the honor and pleasure of being their guest author!

As soon as I entered the host’s lovely home, I smelled the aromas of delicious Italian cooking, and in the kitchen stood six women talking, sipping wine, and snacking on hors d’oeuvres. At the center of the kitchen island were serving dishes with Chicken Parmesan and homemade marinara and Vegetable Lasagna, two meals mentioned in my first book, Buried Secrets.

A wooden plaque stood at the center of the table with Nonna, Franco, Luca, and Gianna written in chalk. We filled our plates, brought them to the table, and the discussion quickly ensued. It was an easy exchange of conversation and questions that seamlessly went back and forth between the women and me. Questions about my characters, setting, plot, writing style, craft, and journey merged into other topics about life. It was a magical moment.

Among the many favorites of this experience, I especially enjoyed talking about my characters as if they were real people, analyzing their thoughts, actions, and motives, and predicting what they might do in the second book. These women were insightful, inquisitive, thoughtful, and reflective, and they brought my book to life at a whole new level. I loved the banter among them, light, happy, fun, often adding to one another’s thoughts—long-time friends who enjoyed sharing a good book, book-related food, each other’s company, and wine. And I’m so happy that I was part of that.

Between the Wines was my first Book Club experience and it was wonderful! I hope to come back again after they’ve read One Last Secret!

I look forward to visiting other book clubs in the future. I will come in person if it’s local and I am happy to meet virtually. More information will be available on my website soon!

Chicken Parmesan & Vegetable Lasagna.


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