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Readers’ Favorites: 5 Stars!

Buried Secrets An Ella Perri Mystery, Book 1 is a historical sleuth mystery novel written by Krissy Baccaro. Ella loved the cottage her Poppy built on the shore of Skaneateles Lake. Poppy and Nonna were the best grandparents in the world, and their friendship became the glue that helped her survive the awful accident that claimed her beloved Jack and left her feeling guilt over surviving when he hadn’t. Now Poppy was gone, and Ella wasn’t quite sure how she would hold up without him there. Ella and Poppy had a closer bond than anyone else, and he had confided a secret to her as he was slipping away. There was a box and he wanted her to find it. Poppy also warned her to be careful who she trusted. Along with the pictures and memorabilia were three small white envelopes marked: “Private Do not open without permission.” As she worked her way through the box, she found herself entranced by the correspondence she found between a woman named Gianna and a man named Franco. Who were they? Ella’s quest to find the box her Poppy mentioned became an obsession, one her best friend Jamie helped her with. Would there be more clues about Gianna and Franco — and why had Poppy warned her about trusting others?

Krissy Baccaro’s Buried Secrets follows the grief-stricken Ella as she travels to the old country to solve the mystery left to her by her grandfather and learns how to forgive herself for the accident that led to the death of her Jack. Baccaro’s book is steeped in World War II history, and the details of Ella and Jamie’s trip to Italy is made beautifully real in this well-written and superbly researched book about the past. The author’s characters are deftly honed and authentic, and her plot is unpredictable and will provide armchair sleuths with loads of fun and red herrings to puzzle along with. Buried Secrets: An Ella Perri Mystery, Book 1 is most highly recommended. – Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorites

Indies Today: 4 Stars!

With his dying breath, Ella’s grandfather urges her to find a hidden box but to be cautious about whom to trust. Only Ella has been told about the hidden box, not her uncle, not her mother, and not her grandmother. Why would he entrust this secret only to Ella? Adamant about honoring his wishes, Ella plans a trip to Italy to walk in her grandfather’s shoes and learn about his past. Armed with a handful of mysterious letters and an unrelenting determination, Ella discovers some truths that might be better left hidden.

The strong theme of family ties permeates Buried Secrets. Ella has such deep love for her grandfather that she is willing to risk her career in order to clear his sullied reputation. The mystery unfolds in quaint towns along the sea in Italy, providing a wistful backdrop for a dramatic story. Besides Jaime, Ella’s best friend, there is an interesting cast of new faces, friends and otherwise, as Ella follows the clues. The story builds slowly, but leads to a stunning climax.

Krissy Baccaro has an impressive ability to put together an intriguing mystery that spans decades. You may think you’ve guessed who is guilty in Buried Secrets early on, but make no mistake… the ending will leave you breathless! – Jennifer Jackson, Indies Today

Other Reviews:

“A delicious story of family and suspense.” ~ Amazon Review

“All families have secrets. But not like this. Before her Grandfather’s death, he told Ella to “find the box”. She started searching, and found a lot more than she ever dreamed of.” ~Amazon Review

“Buried Secrets is a fast-paced, page-turning mystery with well-drawn-out characters and plenty of side roads and red herrings… The ending was a satisfying surprise and it leaves you wanting more!! I can’t believe this is Krissy Baccaro’s first novel and I can’t wait to read more from this up-and-coming mystery author! Bravo! ” ~ Goodreads

“Buried Secrets is a delightfully twisty-turny little mystery that impels you to keep turning the pages through to the end. Ms. Baccaro weaves all those wonderful elements of classic mystery into a scintillating story where Ella Perri is presented with a mysterious box from her recently deceased grandfather. Charged with keeping her grandfather’s secrets, Ella embarks on a journey to find out the truth behind those secrets and the biggest secret of all which, if brought to light, would ripple into the furthest reaches of her life.” ~B.O. Williams, The Fly Box

“One woman standing ovation to Author Krissy Baccaro. This was such an attention grabber/ a page-turner from the start. There is much I loved: -the dialogue… exquisite!
-the descriptions… lovely! all of it! I fell in love with the author’s words and voice.
-El’s “passion” to see this to the end was my biggest incentive to care.
-I thought the story had it all.
-Baccaro took us to Italia. How cool is that! There was a lot of love generously distributed by characters. It’s obvious that the author knows Italian families.” ~ Selma Martin, author of Wanted: Husband/Handyman

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