One Last Secret

One Last Secret

Ella Perri Mysteries #2


One Last Secret

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Editorial Reviews:

“How many of us have spent time thinking about individuals who are connected to us by blood, who we have never met? Would it be empowering to finally meet these people, or would it be like opening a Pandora’s box? Thus begins the story of one family who decides to open that box, unspooling this story of discovery, truth and lies. Tied in with unrequited love and different romantic connections, we are taken on an extraordinary journey spanning the course of many years. For those of us who have wondered about long-lost relatives, here is a fascinating inside look at what can happen when we delve into the mysteries of the unknown.

Truly an extraordinary tale of misfortune, evil, and overcoming obstacles in order to be reunited with those you have loved and lost. Can happiness be found again? Absolutely, as we learn here, as the women find renewed happiness after opening themselves up to the possibility. An enlightening and dynamic plot that weaves its way into our hearts and teaches us that all is not lost as long as we have faith in life and those we love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. A good story makes us empathize with the characters as well as fear those that wish to do harm to others. And this is exactly what I felt, straight through to the very last page of the book. I highly recommend it to all those who enjoy reading a saga that spans several generations, but also for those who just like a really touching and realistic story with characters who you can relate to.” ~International Review of Books


“One Last Secret is the sequel to Buried Secrets and continues exploring the dark mystery at the heart of the Perri family…capable of being a standalone read. Ms. Baccaro is skilled at writing some seriously unnerving passages that prey convincingly on fear of the unknown…One Last Secret is a well-crafted and ambitiously plotted novel of family secrets, drama, and deception. The story effortlessly weaves present with past events to produce an entertaining and intriguing cross-generational mystery that is, for the most part, set against the warmth and charm of the glorious Tuscan scenery. ~The Book Review Directory


From the back cover: 

When Ella Perri unraveled the secret that crept among her family for years, she unleashed a storm of darkness and destruction in its path.

A secret life. Whispers of murder. And the worst has yet to come.

1939~Gianna Russo knows she gave birth to twin daughters, but the midwife hands her only one. She quickly learns of her mother’s deception and vows to find her child. Days later, she walks into the woods with Luca Perri and doesn’t come out.

Present Day~Ella Perri is convinced she’s being stalked, and she suspects her discovery in Italy may have followed her home. A mysterious delivery suggests the darkest of family secrets await, sending Ella once again to Tuscany’s beautiful streets that harbor a terrible truth. A frightening reality chills her to the bone as she becomes trapped in a mystifying mansion with an evil past…and this time, she might not make it out alive.

Luca thought the secrets he buried decades ago would never come to light. But his niece, Ella, proves differently when she discovers Gianna, the grandmother she never knew, is very much alive. For drastically different reasons, Luca and Ella race to find Gianna in the Tuscan hills where she has been safe…until now.


The cottage on Skaneateles Lake where it all began…

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